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As more companies look to outsource facilities services, they are demanding providers have experience in their industry and have the proven expertise to meet their unique needs.

This is why consistent cleaning and maintenance in commercial and retail venues is vital. Our extensive experience in large surface cleaning will show your customers and staff that your business is both a clean and safe place to shop, eat or work. Our cleaning teams are efficient, flexible and fully certified. On-site supervision combined with our Quality Assurance Program helps give you the best results possible.

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Network of Service Partners

We understand that each client faces different facilities challenges. That is why we offer an extensive network of service providers to meet all of your maintenance, repair, and operational requirements. We demand the highest level of performance to ensure consistent, reliable service that is on-time and on budget every day at every facility. As your business evolves, we continue to develop stand-alone and integrated solutions by providing unique, client-focused services.

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Account Management and Support

Every one of our clients are assigned their own dedicated account management team that not only oversees daily localized services, which are supported by our regional offices across North America, but also ensures that we provide an unparalleled level of professional and timely communication to all of your property and facility stakeholders. In addition to a dedicated team, you will be supported by our in-house 24/7/365 emergency response group to resolve all of your emergency services.

In addition to a dedicated team, you will be supported by our in-house 24/7/365 emergency response group to resolve all of your emergency services.

Centralized Cloud-Based Platform

We understand what it takes to operate a single location or a national portfolio that integrates services, vendors, and supply procurement in order to maintain and manage your people and properties. Maintaining and optimizing your assets is critical for driving profitability, improving your customer’s experience, and providing your business with a competitive advantage. The success of your operation requires the right strategy, the right team, and a powerful technology platform working together to achieve your business objectives.


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Benefits of our Software

Connected Services delivers a comprehensive platform to manage the complete life-cycle of our clients service delivery and supply chain requirements on a local, regional,or national basis.

Leveraged Supply Procurement

We deliver measurable cost savings through our Jan-San & MRO procurement solution, which exceeds $2 billion in annual purchasing power. This enables our clients to source, procure, and manage a customized online purchasing tool that centralizes and standardizes all procurement without any additional investment in infrastructure, technology, or personnel. Our nationwide distribution system provides next-day delivery of commonly used supplies and equipment to maintain, repair, and operate all of your properties.

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We deliver solutions that optimize operating efficiency and increase accountability through real-time analytics and reporting.

We customize facility management solutions to meet your business needs.
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